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10 Best of 2018
10 best As Seen On TV in 2018
Wanting to know how they work?
Kore Belt
Egg Make
Change Bike
Rock Pan
Range Mate
10 Worst of 2018
10 worst As Seen On TV in 2018
​Wanting to know how they work?
5 No's at Walmart
There's lots of good buys at Walmart
​but some deals are better elsewere.
5 No's On Blackfriday
5 things not to buy on black friday.
Some deals on better than others.
Compare Batteries
comparing expensive batteries to cheap batteries. which is best
10 Great Products
10 Great Products You Can Find
​On Amazon Today.
Robot Vacuum Mop
Been comparing robot vacuums and mops, but hard to pick. here is one.
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Amazon Firestick
Compare the old amazon fire stick
to the newer fire stick.
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5 New Inventions
Check out these 5 new cool
inventions in electronics
10 Drugstore Beauty
Sharing info from review on
Top 10 Drug Store Beauty Products
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Fire HD 8 Tablet
Check out the new Fire HD 8 
​Tablet, good and bad.
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Kids Version
6 Instant Pot
Six Sisters Shares 6 Easy To Make
Instant Pot Cooker Recipes
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Best Highend Drones
Sharing info from review on
Best tested high end drones
Mavic Air
​Low Priced
Arlo Ultra Security
Sharing info from review on
Arlo Ultra 1080 Security Camera
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Best Washing Guide
Sharing info from review on
Consumer Digest Wash/Dry Guide
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